is not (just) art.

It’s not something to be hung on a wall and admired. Great architecture is only great if it works for the people who use it. And that’s the key to Contempo’s philosophy.

For us, architecture is a thoughtful, collaborative process that involves lifestyle analysis and problem-solving. How do you live? How do you work? How can your surroundings make your life and/or your work easier? More efficient? More pleasurable?

Better living. That’s the goal we strive to achieve with each project we take on. How do we define better living? We find out how you define it by listening to what you have to say. And then come up with a solution that makes your dream come to life.

Juan Carlos Herrera

Juan is Contempo’s President. He brings to this position a strong background in architecture and construction, including work in both single and multi-unit residential architecture, construction and development.

With more than 17 years in the fields of architecture and construction, Juan is a visionary who is committed to taking every project to a higher level than what is expected. Though he thrives on the creative side of the business, his intergrity, professionalism, problem solving abilities and commitment to securing the best deal for the client has helped to establish his firm to win repeat referals.

Juan received his BA in Architecture with Honors from Universidad de San Buenaventura in Colombia. He is a Licensed General Contractor, LEED Accredited Professional and a Licensed Real Estate Agent. In addition, he holds a Florida Solar Energy Center Photovoltaic System Design Certification and is fluent in English and Spanish.

Gerald Belgrave

Gerald is Contempo's Architect of Record and Qualifier. He specializes in residential architecture and interior design, focusing on projects that include hospitality, tenant improvement and multi-family homes. He received his Bachelor Degree in Architecture from the University of Illinois in 1986 and has been registered since 1995.